Welcome to our Vets on the Rise online course page. We are SO thrilled you are here!

Being a new vet is challenging. We have been in your exact shoes. That is why we created Vets on the Rise. We want to teach you our tips and tricks so things are easier for you.

Our online courses and books will make you feel confident and more prepared than ever before.

Ready to tackle new vet challenges with the upper hand? Check out our course below!

-Monica and Ashley

Course Feedback

from Prior Students:

"I'd recommend this course to ALL of my friends all of the time. It's just so down to earth, and they talk about the things that no one really talks to us about!"

" I feel so much more prepared than I did. I didn't realize just how much I didn't know until I took the course."

"I've been out practicing for one year now and took this course because I still feel like I struggle at times and all the things they explained made so much more sense. I'm trying all of them in practice now and LOVE the effect I'm having."

New Vet Essentials Course

The New Vet Essentials course is our 5 week online signature course that teaches new vets how to transition successfully into practice.

Despite a good medical foundation, most new vets still find themselves completely unprepared.

In this course, we share our simple yet effective strategies and formulas for overcoming common new vet challenges.

Our course is helpful to new vets in practice, vet students about to graduate, or students who want to get ahead early.

We currently offer the course every 6-8 weeks on Teachable. Subscribe on our website (veterinariansontherise.com) to be in the know! First come first serve.

New Vet Jumpstart Guide Book

Our 5 star reviewed book covers 20 common GP cases that you routinely see out in private practice.

Each case includes detailed treatment plans, client communication tips, and more!

A unique feature is that you will find blank notes pages after every case so you can add your own notes to the cases...making it your own!

Available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon